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Cutting Edge Application Experiences

We create cutting­ edge application experiences for industry leading companies. Our teams push the boundaries of technology to put maximum power in the hands of your team and users.

Custom Software Development

ALCON DTS provides custom software development with a focus on Java technology. Our senior developers and architects have been using these frameworks and technologies since their earliest versions. We have a long history of building successful, robust, high-performance Java enterprise applications, some handling millions of transactions a day. We are fanatical about enterprise design and best practices development.

Software Architecture and Design

For many developers, software architecture and design are overlooked, which might hinder the application’s performance and development velocity. Other projects may suffer from big design up front, which can cause unnecessary complexity and delay feedback that would otherwise come organically during implementation.

We have a pragmatic approach to architecture and design issues. We pinpoint the most important areas that it’s worth investing upfront time, and prioritize others afterwards, where the design comes only after more important development iterations are finished.

Software Enhancement and Modernization

We bring expertise and efficiency when it comes to updating legacy systems. We will utilize latest and always up-to-date technologies to lengthen the life of your legacy system.

Project Recovery

We’re about goals and deadlines and we understand that some projects fall apart midway through development. If your existing provider isn’t working out or you need help rebalancing an internal team, we’re here for you. Reach out to us for help finishing your troubled projects to meet your deadlines.

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