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Why are business leaders choosing Co-Managed IT?

There is a shift happening where businesses are increasingly choosing to outsource specific roles to Managed Service Providers instead of completely outsourcing.

Why should you consider outsourcing or moving to Co-Managed IT?

There is a realization that it is not effective for larger entities to outsource all IT roles. Rather, IT leaders are choosing to outsource certain tasks to ensure the organization can have the proper technical support. While every IT Managed Service Provider will claim they provide Co-Managed IT services, few have extensive Co-Managed IT experience. They sign on the client and then attempt to “figure it out” as they go.

Conversely, we have rock-solid processes and metrics for seamlessly onboarding your business. Although choosing the right Co-Managed IT provider can be difficult, it is incredibly important. The right team can truly improve your business in many measurable ways while adhering to your budget.

Specifically, the ideal partner has well-defined roles and service level agreements to eliminate ambiguity. Ultimately, the right Co-Managed IT partner enables your in-house team to focus on high-value initiatives. At the same time, gaps get filled seamlessly by specialized support. With ALCON DTS - accelerated growth, reduced risk, and a competitive edge become attainable realities.

ALCON DTS is a leading Co-Managed IT Service Provider Serving Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and the Greater Central Texas Areas

For 22+ years, ALCON DTS has served businesses of various types. We currently provide co-managed IT services to businesses in manufacturing, healthcare, education... and many other sectors! Our services are designed to blend with in-house teams seamlessly.

Understanding the various services that are available can be a challenge, so we made a handy worksheet to make it easy for you. Figuring out which IT roles your organization needs help with is the first step for a winning partnership. Click the image here to print your checklist.

But we're also happy to help you identify where you need support most. Just say the word!

Our team will dive in and find the perfect spots for us to save you time, money, and headaches. Click below to contact us and schedule a quick conversation now!

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